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motion editor 

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5/23/2014 released!
6/21/2014 Updated!

Only Hatena members were able to leave a comment. Everyone will be able to write a comment now. After I approved, it will be displayed.(5/28/2014)

What's New in Version 1.1

additional functions

Export of line, read, read drop
Undo the movement of the line
View the current editing mode
Path deletion mode creation
I loved the handwriting mode.

bug fixes

Corrected when selecting the first anchor point, unnecessary control points is was displayed.

Specification Change

(Because the writing of the line, read function could be) canceled the display of the default path
I have to check the box switching motion. I have to to save the state.
I have to check box connection mode of the line (smooth) switching. I have to to save the state.

What is this software for?

This software edits bezier curve for SKAction motion on SpriteKit.

Is it possible to use in any environment?

It can be used in OS X 10.9.
This application runs on a Mac. Code that was created in this application will work on iOS.

When will it be released?

v1.0.1 5/23/2014

How much will it be?

It will be sold around $10, but free at this moment.

Expected in the future

Export of line, read (Ver1.1)
Undo (Ver1.1),Redo(During implementation)
Add Delete mode (Ver1.1)
Improved user interface(Ver1.1)
Display of the current editing mode(Ver1.1)
Export Swift code.(Ver1.1)
Handwriting mode(Ver1.1)