Cocoa API解説(macOS/iOS)

iOS , Mac アプリケーション開発のために使われる主要フレームワークの日本語情報です。






Learn to Make Apps with SwiftUI
Follow a series of guided tutorials to learn to make apps using SwiftUI and Xcode.

User Interface

Views and Controls
Present your content onscreen and handle user interactions.

View Layout and Presentation

Combine views in stacks, generate groups and lists of views dynamically, and define view presentations and hierarchy.

Drawing and Animation

Enhance your views with colors, shapes, and shadows, and customize animated transitions between view states.

Framework Integration

Integrate SwiftUI views into existing apps, and embed AppKit, UIKit, and WatchKit views and controllers into SwiftUI view hierarchies.

Data and Events

State and Data Flow
Control and respond to the flow of data and changes within your app’s models.


Define interactions from taps, clicks, and swipes to fine-grained gestures.

Previews in Xcode

Generate dynamic, interactive previews of your custom views.